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Consider purchasing Bright Star Heart Chants CD for a way to
create your own soothing meditative space at home.  Many have
used the BSHC CD for meditation, relaxation and for helping
them sleep.
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Cheryl Kaufmann
Bright Star Heart Chants - CD
$9.00  $3.00 shipping/handling
56:28 min. running time

Click below for SOUND CLIPS.
Om Amor approx 25 min. -(33 second clip)  Click Here for Sample
Mrutyunjaya Mantra approx. 29 min -(23 sec. clip)  Click Here for Sample
Speaking for the Universe 1 min, 14 sec. -(25 sec clip) Click Here for Sample
Warm vocals dance with acoustic guitar, Japanese ocarina,and
soothing keyboard vibrations lead into the embrace of
Om Amor.
The healing
Mrutyunjaya Mantra entwines hypnotic sitar and
keyboards with soft Mourning Dove's call. A bonus heartsong
tenderly returns the empowered and peacefilled listener home.
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" Through her new CD, has proved her ability to vocalize on a
professional recording level. Her music is a melodic treasure that is
sure to be listened to over and over again. The haunting chants and
wonderful background music combine into a delight for the ear."

"I bought your CD for my daughter.  She plays the CD while she
teaches yoga to her class. She loves the CD."

"I LOVE YOUR CD!  Your voice instantaneously brings peace and
love to my heart.  I am so happy that you followed your heart and
divine guidance to produce such a lasting gift!  Thank you, thank you,
thank you."  

"I love it"  

"Hey, your CD arrived today... love it!  I'm going to go to sleep to it

"Bright Star Heart Chants is some of the most soothing and melodic
music I've heard in a long time.  Cheryl's voice is angelic!"

"I am really enjoying your CD. I am so mesmerized by the first chant
that I really haven't explored the other two yet."

"Wow! The CD arrived last night, and I've already listened to it three
times! What wonderful work! I listened to it last night, and had your
mantra (Om Amor...) in my head when I woke up, and then played it
again this morning and felt a flood of peace.  Thank you for a great

"Lullaby."  G.R., age 2

"Mom, can I play it tonight?" S.K., age 7

"I realized that track one is exactly what I look for in writing music:  
it's soothing, quiet, and repetitive enough that it can kind of fade into
the background while I'm writing, but it's also stimulating enough
that it makes my mind twirl just a bit."

"You have such a beautiful voice!"
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