Packages available

All services are by appointment only.
 Due to volume of clients and as a
courtesy for others,
24 hour notice is required if you need to reschedule
your appointment; otherwise be prepared to pay for your missed

Intake forms for new clients are mailed ahead of time for ease and  
convenience.  If you do not have access to email, that is fine, just let me
know and we'll have you fill out the form in person (know that becomes
part of your appointment time).

Credit cards only available through this website via PayPal.  A PayPal account
is NOT needed in order to use PayPal's services through this site. You can  
use your credit card to pay for services by clicking the link beside the service
of your choice (click the card you will use or electronic check icons, etc).

After payment is received, a gift certificate will be mailed or an appointment
set via email or phone within 2 business days.  An email to me detailing your
order is welcome if you have questions, comments or inquires.

IMPORTANT: Please come clean and scent free:  refrain from wearing any
perfume, after shave, cologne, essential oils, strong smelling hair sprays, very
aromatic deodorant,  and any other sweet smelling adornments as a courtesy to
your practitioner and those who may be scheduled after you.  Scents tend to linger,
especially with bodywork and energy work and many have allergies to such

Drink water the day of your appointment.

If you have any questions about the above services, you may contact Cheryl
at or by phone 214.912.7408
In an effort in making it simpler for the client and for Bright Star Inspirations, gone
are the days where Gift Certificates and Packages are "assigned" to only one
modality.  Now, you can pick and choose, transfer or "gift" hours to friends and
family*.  Open-ended modality use, however, does have expirations dates, so take
advantage of the packages within the time line - enjoy them!  Make your choice

*Note:  If you "Gift" one of your hours/sessions to a friend or family member and
they have NOT had a session with BSI before,  90 minutes for an in-person New
Client session will be deducted from your package time (Phone sessions it is
suggested to do at least 45 minutes).  
Reschedules and cancellations follow the
same procedure: 24 hours notice applies or the time will be considered completed
and marked off the gift certificate's available session log.

Package of 3 one hour sessions  $300
saves $30, expires in 4 months

Package of 6 one hour sessions  $550
saves $110, expires in 8 months

Package of 12 one hour sessions $1000
saves $320, expires in 14 months
Service packages
*All services are by appointment only.  Location Allen, TX.

Monday -Friday, 9:00am -3:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 9:30am-4:00pm   when available

*Hours change seasonally, check back frequently to see updates.
Phone sessions may be arranged at other times when available.

click here.

"Finding that
still point,
that centered 'hush'
can be sought
in the silence of
and can also be
found under
healing hands."
~Bright Star
$5                $10

$15                $20

Sessions purchased with a gift certificate may also be shared (transferable),
Certificates can be mailed out upon request, or an e-certificate via email.

20 min Gift Certificate     $55.00        30 min. Gift Certificate    $70.00

45 min. Gift Certificate    $90.00        60 min. Gift Certificate    $110.00

90 min. Gift Certificate    $150.00*        120 min. Gift Certificate  $210.00*
* discounted rates
Gratuity is graciously appreciated; may it return to you ten-fold in abundance!