Body Work


All services are by appointment only.
 Due to volume of clients and as a
courtesy for others,
24 hour notice is required if you need to reschedule your
appointment; otherwise
be prepared to pay for your missed appointment.  
Missed appointments from a package will be considered complete and marked
off the available sessions.

Intake forms for new clients are emailed ahead of time for ease and  
convenience.  If you do not have access to email, that is fine, just let me know and
we'll have you fill out the form in person (know that becomes part of your
appointment time)

Credit cards only available through this website via PayPal.  A PayPal account is NOT
needed in order to use PayPal's services through this site. You can  use your credit
card to pay for services by clicking the link beside the service of your choice (click the
card you will use or electronic check icons, etc).

After payment is received, a gift certificate will be mailed  if requested or an
appointment set via email or phone within 2 business days.  An email to me detailing
your order is welcome if you have questions, comments or inquires.
appointments are confirmed via email or phone.

IMPORTANT: Please come clean and scent free:  refrain from wearing any
perfume, after shave, cologne, essential oils, strong smelling hair sprays, very aromatic
deodorant,  and any other sweet smelling adornments as a courtesy to your practitioner
and those who may be scheduled after you.  Scents tend to linger, especially with
bodywork and energy work and many have allergies to such chemicals.

Drink water the day of your appointment.

Avoid caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and smoking the day of your session.

If you have any questions about the above services, you may contact Cher at or by phone 214.912.7408
Chinese Face Reading, Energy Patterning, Integrated Energy
and Bodywork Services
*All services are by appointment only.  Location Allen, TX.

Monday - Friday, 900am -3:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 9:30am-4:00pm  when available  

*Hours change seasonally, check back frequently to see updates.
Phone sessions may be arranged at other times when available.
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Bright Star Inspirations'
Inspirations also
is the moment
when the soft breath
of your Spirit
comes out to join us.  
Your body
is relaxed,
your heart
is at peace
your '
ahhh' sigh
is more like
a whisper of

~Bright Star
appointment only.

Credit cards only available
through this website via PayPal.  
If you do not have a PayPal
account, you can still use your
credit card or chose electronic
check to pay for services by
clicking the link beside the
service of your choice.
After payment is received, an
e-gift certificate will be sent via
email (or mailed upon request).
OR an appointment will be
directly set via email or phone.

If you have any questions about
the services, you may  contact
Cheryl at
m or by phone 214.912.7408
New Client IN PERSON initial appointment   $150
details listed on previous page
If you have any questions, you may email:
24 hour notice to reschedule or cancel as a courtesy to others or you will be responsible for payment of your
alloted time.

New Client PHONE sessions
Available to clients who are unable to do an in-person session or prefer by phone.  The client
agrees to call Cher at the agreed upon time.  Clients are responsible for all charges of the call,
be it long distance or local.  Phone sessions are to be paid in advance of the actual call,
unless agreed upon otherwise.

Special NOTE:  Bright Star Inspirations uses a time-based fee structure, with no particular
modality costing more than another.  This allows the client to have the freedom to use a
variety of sessions both over the phone and in person with convenience, effectively
benefiting from all modalities as needed on a
session by session basis.
In person and Phone appointments
20 minutes  $55.00        30 minutes  $70.00

45 minutes  $90.00        60 minutes   $110.00

90 minutes   $150.00*        120 minutes    $210.00*
* discounted rates
Energy Work, Intuitive Sessions
Integrated Energy Massage, formally known as Reiki Massage.  Enjoy a
relaxing massage that combines the relaxing strokes of Swedish and Hawaiian
Lomi Lomi, the healing benefits of Reiki and the beauty of integrating Intuitive
information (which may also include Yuen corrections or Matrix Energetics)
within the silence of your session.  Every massage conducted contains energy
work/energy corrections/transformations, but is structured into the massage
itself or briefly upon your arrival.  Massage sessions alone are not scheduled
with additional allowances for extensive questions and answer time; therefore,
many have benefited from scheduling additional time for Intuitive or Energy
work.   Best experienced in 60 or 90 minute sessions.

Prenatal Massage:  Prenatal needs gentle care and every bit is taken into
consideration in the gentle touch, supportive change in positions to
accommodate Mom and baby.  Reiki is often used in prenatal massage to loving
honor the miracle growing and support Mom as her body shifts to the changes.  
Many moms enjoy a deep rejuvenating nap during this massage.  Recommended
in 60 minute sessions.

Other massage modalities BSI has studied but does not currently offer: Hot Stone, reflexology,
myofacial release, deep tissue, trigger point, sports, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and more.
Cher's experience and training allows her to seamlessly move from
any of the following modalities in a session.  In an Energetic and/or
Intuitive session, you may experience one or more of the following
Garcia Innergetics:
 Dr. Hector Garcia, DC, developed this energy method
based on his intuitive experience, life experience and clinical experience.  Quickly
moving energy to a harmonization state, issues are addressed and harmonized to
the person and the person to the issue.  Dress comfortably for this session.

The Yuen Method: Developed by Dr. Kam Yuen, this grounded technique
moves energy quickly and allows a person to feel empowered, neutral and strong
on all levels of being on any issue in the body, mind and spirit. The Yuen Method
allows the client to participate in the non-invasive and can quickly move to not
needing muscle testing for the client to feel a shift.  Uses quantum shifts in a
specific application.  More information,
click here.

Matrix Energetics: Devised by Dr. Richard Bartlett, M.E. uses a combination
of quantum physics, intuition and inverse wave frequencies to allow
transformation in the body, mind, spirit.   Matrix often is inventive, visual, and a
full body experience.  Dress comfortably for this session. Works very well with
any other modality. More information,
click here.

Reiki:  A gentle hands-on energy modality aligning the body, mind, emotional
and spiritual essences of a person into a whole centeredness by relieving stress.  
When stress is relieved, the body's natural healing abilities are elevated.  Combines
nicely after a Yuen or Matrix session.  Dress comfortably.   Often suggested with
Intuitive time allowances.  More information,
click here.

Intuitive Guidance Sessions: Intuitive Guidance sessions can be used alone
or combined with any service (and often it is suggested to combine with
Yuen/Matrix/Reiki).  This session consists of connecting to each other on a
Divine level of understanding to help understand the messages of your body,
mind and spirit.
In person and Phone appointments
20 minutes  $55.00        30 minutes  $70.00

45 minutes  $90.00        60 minutes   $110.00

90 minutes   $150.00*        120 minutes    $210.00*
* discounted rates
Gift Certificates and Gratuitiy
Gift certificates serve as gentle reminders of well being and to show expressions
of love!  Gift certificates mailed upon request.  Gratuity may be easily added to
any certificate or service listed above.

20 min. Gift Certificate  $55.00        30 min. Gift Certificate  $70.00

45 min. Gift Certificate  $90.00        60 min. Gift Certificate   $110.00

90 min. Gift Certificate   $150.00*        120 min. Gift Certificate  $210.00*
* discounted rates
Packages of 3, 6 or 12 may be purchased

Gratuity is graciously appreciated; may it return to you ten-fold in abundance!

$5                     $10                     $15                     $20                     $25
Some days the sun speaks to you in a language with vocabulary of
the warmth on your skin and other days it tells you its a day to
enjoy the shade.
Chinese Face Reading
Chinese Face Reading Is a branch of Chinese Medicine, which has been
used for over 3000 years in determining issues of the body by the observation of
changes taking place on the face.  Upon observation of the changes of the
features, it was also discovered that unique personality traits and tendencies
could also be determined by observing the face.  While Chinese Face Reading
does not diagnose, it can assist in helping people understand why they do certain
behaviors naturally or the first impression people may be perceiving upon first
meeting.  Chinese Face Reading can help you understand where you have been,
where you are and your potential for where you are going.  Full sessions last
60-90 minutes long.  Mini sessions can be incorporated into other sessions, as
requested or beneficial.  .

Skype, Facetime, phone are all options for sharing information.  Also, coming
soon:  Gatherings looking for something unique and incredibly beneficial? Face
Reading may be what you are looking for!

Professional Chinese Face Reading information, click here.
Energy Patterning (9 Star Ki)
Energy Patterning using a system known as Nine Star Ki brings you back in
connection with your own personal blueprint you were born with.  This system
is based on the same Elements used in Chinese Medicine and produces a
powerful baseline in understanding yourself and those around you.  Beyong the
patterns, you are also able to learn your place in "Seasons", which is similar in
how every season in nature is about bringing about a newness of that time of the
year, your "seasons" also shift on a Yearly basis.  It is important to know what
to expect in each year to fully live your highest potential! Discover an entire
world of patterns that you move through your whole life and also from year to
year with significant change and growth.  

Discover: Who you came here to be. Your personal blueprint.
Your emotional identity - where you go when stressed, how to use this
knowledge to help and benefit you.
Your challenges AND your greatest gifts.

To find out your personal patterns and those in your family, the system uses a
placement of birth to begin the discovery. More information,
click here.