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About Bright Star Inspirations
Cher Kaufmann is an Inspirational Art Instructor , author and artist of The Artful
Mandala Coloring Book
and The Ancient Alchemy Coloring Book, holding private
classes, small groups and professional presentations on
Meditative Drawing.  She strives
on opening the student to viewing the world with awe and intrigue through repetitive
patterns found all around us.  She teaches to use pen and paper but encourages any
medium of art exploration (she especially loves photography).

Cher is also a
Professional Face Reader, studying with Mac Fulfer in Texas and then
with Jean Haner in California, combining unique training from the prospective of the every
day practicality to the in-depth life changing and ever-evolving perspective of Nature and
Chinese Medicine.  Cher also uses "sister" information from the
patterns of the hidden
found from the pattern at the time of birth, to assist in understanding the attributes
of the Face.

With over 19 years of experience as a
Massage Therapist Cher Kaufmann provides
gentle, spiritual bodywork that melts away the stresses of everyday life.   Cher is also a
Massage Therapist Instructor and Texas State (and Nationally) Approved CEU
. When appropriate, the Divine connection, which she lists as an Intuitive
 guides her to insights of ways to help the body; a way to generate loving
energy to areas of need.  

Simple touch therapy, like massage, can help ease anxiety and stress by letting go and
relaxing for an hour or more.  These massages are unique; the process does not end when
you get up off of the table! The process continues for a few days up to several weeks
afterward as the body integrates.  While Cher does not consider her massages to be deep
tissue, her work is very deep due to the different layers her work covers.

Cher is also a retired
Reiki Master Teacher with over 18 years experience working with
Reiki.  Reiki is a non-invasive, hands-on, stress reducing, healing modality that balances
the mind/body/emotional/spiritual parts of the person into a loving whole being, thus
boosting your own natural healing abilities.  

Shortly after completing the Reiki Master Teacher training, Cher's Reiki Master, Sara Ann
"Sally" Korman,  lovingly dubbed her "Bright Star." This name had been a quiet and
inspirational reminder used only between Cher and Sally for several years.  Until Jan
2007.  As Cher began to grow as a teacher and professional, she decided to use this name
to inspire others as they find their way on their own personal path.  She changed her
business name to Bright Star
Inspirations and since then has lived through and by such inspiration!

She has since completed her
Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher Training*, with Laurelle
Shanti Gaia and Carolyn Musial, And while Cher taught all levels of Reiki, used to hold
meditations and Reiki shares for many years, she no longer teaches but and maintains a
private practice.

Cher obtained
Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner,  completing all four levels,
trained under Dr. Richard Bartlett, which integrates and overlaps much of her training into
each session.

Cher has also trained in all three levels of
 The Yuen Method,  Chinese Energetic
Medicine, Full Spectrum Method of Healing, from Dr. Kam Yuen, the founder, and 35th
generation Shaolin Kung-fu Grandmaster who now uses his knowledge for healing quickly.

Cher studied with Dr. Hector Garcia and his unique training of
Garcia Innergetics,
combining intuitive scanning, clearing and tracking and transforming quickly and

Along with her private practice and classes, Cher also held a monthly
Awareness Hour
that varied from month to month with anything from  meditations, conversations,  food
for thought, energy exercises and also guest speakers.  Plus a monthly
Reiki Share for
students of Reiki to practice with each other is also facilitated by Cheryl.  Both of these
are no longer active.

In Cher's ever growing studies of the human body and mind, she now offers specially
MEDITATIVE DRAWING workshops for small groups in private settings.  The
use of repetitive patterns create focused stimulation for the mind and a relaxing effect on
the body, which allows them to work together in harmonious fashion.  She uses her
background of 3 Art Degrees and numerous in combination of her studies from Chinese
Medicine, Ayurvedic arts and pattern recognition in energy.

Cher's services are designed to help you grow by supporting the body, mind, emotional,
and spiritual sides into a balanced whole, honoring your individual growth and place along
your journey.  Often times people arrive with a list that "gets them there" and then the
Energy guides to a "list" much more profound and deeper than they initially thought
about.  That's when the excitement begins and the changes take place!

Provide your mind, body, and spirit with a small sanctuary, leaving relaxed and
rejuvenated, empowered and stronger than when you arrived. ~

So in Cher's famous words: Smile, breathe, drink your water and have fun!

*Karuna Reiki® is trademarked by The International Center for Reiki Training.
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