The Yuen Method - back to balance
The Yuen Method was developed by 35th Generation Shaolin Kung Fu
Grandmaster, Dr. Kam Yuen.  Dr. Kam Yuen, a former engineer and
chiropractor, has developed a form of energetic healing that identifies what is
and what is not effecting the body.  With the identification of the weakness of
the energy in the system, changes to a balanced state can be make on physical,
mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual levels.  Dr. Yuen is
known around the world for his ability and knowledge with Martial arts.  He is
also know for quickly identifying and eliminating pain and ailments without any
outside devices, but rather by gathering information energetically.   Through
Dr. Yuen's martial arts training, he developed keen sensory abilities in
identifying imbalances in the energy of another and then by correcting the
imbalance, pain would dissipate.  

Dr. Yuen now teaches others the techniques that combine "5000 years of years
of Eastern philosophy, Shaolin temple healing, Western knowledge, and other
modern healing and therapeutic modalities."
(1) The Yuen Method "is mental and
spiritual energy activated with our thoughts and not by our thinking."
Dr. Yuen refers to his healing as "Full Spectrum Healing" as it applies to
relationships, physical issues, emotional and thought patterns, ideas, behavioral
patterns, and more.

What happens in a Yuen session?
What is The Yuen Method?
The Yuen Method
In a Yuen session, the issues in which the client wishes to work on and the energy
around the issue will be identified.  Often it is not what the person is stating as the
issue.  The energy will immediately identify itself either through intuitive/mental
connections or with the simply use of muscle testing (so the person can see what
the energy does).  Muscle testing on/with the client is not necessary in order to
identify the energy weakness and correct it.  Often times, a practitioner is able to
identify and correct the energy without any movement at all.  The client will be
asked to "check in" with the energy to see how and where the energy has changed.  
The Yuen method can be done in person, over the phone or via distance sessions.
How long is a typical Yuen session?
The Yuen Method moves energy so quickly that Dr. Yuen holds his sessions for 25
minutes at $210.  I currently hold sessions at different lengths in order to
accommodate for simple calls to many issues.  Session times can vary from 20
minutes at $55 to an hour at $110 or longer.  To see full details on times and fees,
click here.  If you have not had a session with Bright Star Inspirations/Cher
Kaufmann before, it is suggested to schedule at least 30-45 minutes if you are
requesting The Yuen Method if you are doing a phone session, and 90 min for an
in-person New Client session (see
details).  If you have worked with Cher before
and are already set up as a client, you may set appts. for any duration of time in
these times: 20min, 30 min, 45 min, 1 hour, 90 min.
What are others saying about The Yuen Method?
"This is the what I have gotten the most benefit from out of all the work we have
done together."

"This is the fastest results I have ever seen."

"This is amazing."

"What did you do? It's gone!"

"This is how I feel after meditation."

"This feels very grounded."

"Huh.  I can't find it [the pain]."

"I have not felt this good in 4 years!"

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What are some of the benefits of The Yuen Method?
Some of the benefits people have experienced with The Yuen Method while working
with Cheryl are: skin issues resolved, back pain resolved, anxiety gone, ability to
make clear decisions, hips, wrist pain eliminated, fear gone, mental/emotional
strength increased, headache gone, and more.  The benefits are on all levels,
physical, emotional, mental, psychological, psychic and spiritual levels.  This also
"corrects" energy from realms beyond the current pattern.
Cher's experience with Dr. Yuen and the Yuen Method.
"Dr. Yuen's workshops have literally shifted and changed how I work with all my if
nothing was happening.  Then I  realized that we often want to move from our
"list" of what is "wrong" to a list of "what we want" and Yuen moves people to a
simply goes away!

One of the greatest gifts I experienced from my studies with Dr. Yuen is his ability
to see past the personalities of persons and move to the driving energy of the
"complaint."  It is in this neutral space that we are then able to make clearer  
decisions because we are not making decisions based on emotion, obligation or
pressure.  It is a different kind of feeling inside.  Less internal struggles that we
usually are not even aware of until they are gone! Poof!"
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