Face Reading and Energy Patterning
"Oh my gosh!  That is SO

"I am so curious about what
my husband's face says now."

"Very clean and fun way to
get information!"

"Just the little bit you shared
with me has given me such
relief - I feel like a weight has
been lifted knowing that is
who I am!

"Wow! That is right on!"

"Very reassuring!"

"As soon as we left [your
session] , my husband and I


"I understand so much more
Face Reading
Your Face is a precious map, sharing emotions, thought
patterns, joy, sadness, hints of life stories and experiences and
yet we rarely take the time to really view what we are seeing
everyday in the mirror and what others are showing us.
What if you could understand the best way to
work, play and communicate?

What if you could understand your natural
tendencies in relationships and career?

The features of your face are amazing direct
communicators to others around you -
curious to know how?
Chinese Face Reading, a branch of Chinese
observations were made with certain patterns
of facial features also identified tendencies and
unique personality traits.

Some ways of being, habits or skills you have
may not come as easily to another and features
on the face can share the natural tendencies,
potentials, challenges and strengths.
Every time you have a thought, your face expresses it either in a micro expression,
an expression so minute and quick it may not be registered, or you may show
experiences that begin to tell a story on our face depending on the importance of
their impression upon us.  If you make an expression frequently, your face will
begin to reflect the energy you put into making this expression - your inner spirit
shows on your face!
Every feature tells an important part of your unique story of who you are and your
journey along the way.
 Face Reading is a deeply complex, intricate, of ever-
growing experiences.
 Our faces do not change due to age and diet alone, but also
with our experiences as each story is etched on our face with our features!

Professional Face Reading can help identify:
  • Strengths and Challenges
  • Potentials and Tendencies
  • Life Purpose - who ARE you?  
  • Whether you work best independently, with others, in charge or as a helper.
  • How to communicate with others, how others may need to be communicated
    to, especially in relationships!
  • Understanding the inner spirit that is being expressed in behavior, action and
  • "Hidden treasures" of who you are that not everyone might realize you have
    the potential to share and express.
  • Find out what
    your face reveals
    about your drive,
    you want others
    you want others
    to have with you.

  • Does your face
    reveal an inner
    nature of a
    beautifully open
    heart who loves
    to have fun,
    craves variety and
    is meant to be in

  • Are you here to
    make a
    difference, and
    DO what others
    only think about?

  • Knowing the best
    way to handle
    stress for you
    personally can
    make a big
    difference in
    personal and

  • Do you have
    great integrity in
    your job and wish
    to have authentic

  • Discover the
    inner nature of
    your children and
    spouse to enrich
    the support and  
    you can each
    provide each

  • Find out how
    work relations
    can be improved
    with team

Sessions last between 60-90 minutes and cover a
full face reading and include Energy Patterning to
help you understand your inner nature that is an
ever-present part of your expressions.  To make
an appointment,
click here.

Coming soon: sessions via Skype, phone and email -
look for future information in the coming months.  
unique and incredibly beneficial? Face Reading may be
what you are looking for!
Energy Patterning
we are indeed a part of Nature, we often overlook that we also have seasons.  
Discover an entire world of patterns that you move through your whole life and
also from year to year with significant change and growth.  

Discover: Who you came here to be.
Your emotional identity - where you go when stressed.
Your challenges that have your greatest gifts.

To find out your personal patterns and those in your family, the system uses a
placement of birth to begin the discovery.  This system is considered to be "sister
energy/information" to face reading and adds invaluable information to a Face
Reading.  This information can be accessed even if we are unable to do a Face

Individual sessions can be made in 20 minute increments per person.  Family
sessions are best done in 60-90 minute sessions depending on how many persons
you wish to cover.  Energy session can be done over the phone, in person or an
audio file sent to you via email.

To purchase an Energy Session or make an appointment
click here.