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December 2014
Cher Kaufmann / Bright Star

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Meditative Drawing

When I was in college, one of my art assignments was reminiscent
of an elementary project.  We were to do pencil rubbings of textures
we found at our house and randomly (or maybe not so randomly)
put them together and create an abstract design.  The process is
super simple.  Take the paper, place it on the surface with some
kind of texture underneath and with the pencil, and rub it across the
entire area you wanted an image to appear.  The texture underneath
would magically take shape as the pencil moved across the subtle
bumps and grooves of the texture.  As an artist I had not really done
anything.  It already existed; it was just a transfer of the impression.  
As a child, we did it with crayons and the colors came alive with
lines and strokes of implied movement from the texture under the
paper.  It was a magical manifestation of art.

In the Meditative Drawing classes I am now teaching, the process is
completely different since the artist does create the textures
themselves through pattern repetition.  However, there is a similar
process in that the patterns do already exist and we are simply
transferring our impressions of the pattern to the paper.  Simple
steps that applied in a systematic, yet freeing, form leaves every
person with a sense of awe.  Every person I have shared basic
designs - even the simplest pattern - to begin drawing with has
expressed an immediate sense of amazement of their own doing.

Herbalist David Crow stated there is a unique connection we
humans have with the world around us, called Bio-unity.  He
suggests that the relationship we have with plants, for instance, and
the ancient wisdom they have allows us to access the many
opportunities of connectedness. When we take the time observe the
world around us, and utilize it in a way that creates connection, our
own bio-rhythms begin to optimize.  

By learning how to draw in a meditative or observant way, we can
create a connectedness that is very effective on many of the mental,
emotional, spiritual and, yes, the physical body.  We have many
layers to who we are.  Meditative Drawing is similar, it starts with
one simple layer, one simple line on the paper and can lead to an
amazing multitude of intriguing designs.

That is my goal; to bring an opportunity for you to be amazed by
your own beautiful being.  Drawing or art experience is not a
requirement.  There is no “right way” to express fun in the patterns,
but there are ways to get you going on pure play and fun.

Come explore the magic of your own design!

There are a special opportunities to be a part of a private class or a
Senior Citizen discount group (register at The Allen Senior Center in
person if interested.  Private classes, contact me directly)

Early bird registrations area available for the longer 4 week
workshops (which are AWESOME workshops – there is such
growth and friendship opportunities in a 4 week class!  They are
prime for confidence and awareness).

Curious?  Join me at the ALLEN LIBRARY in Allen, TX on Dec
11 for a special presentation in their “Healthier You” series.  This is
a free event, open to the public, but seats are limited.  Register at
214.509.4911 to secure your seat.  All supplies are provided.
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